Stewardship Message Library

The messages contained in the library below are written to support year-round stewardship development programs. They are oriented for Episcopal churches but most are useable as is, or with minor modification, in the majority of Christian denominations

The typical flow I have applied for a year-round stewardship program through the year is to focus on involvement in ministries in the Spring and on making a financial commitment to the work of the church in the Fall. In between, we communicate messages that are both appropriate to current events and reinforce the messages of stewardship. It is particularly effective to have a stewardship message in your congregation’s newsletter monthly and then to have at least one message a month in the bulletin distributed at services. The frequency of bulletin inserts should increase to weekly at the time of pledge campaigns.

These messages are copyrighted but we are pleased to provide permission to reprint them at no cost as long as you give credit to the author. For permission email Michael Redpath at

To assist you with your pledge campaign this fall, I would also be pleased to send you an email each time a new message is added to the library. Request to be put on that email list by clicking here.

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