For What Am I in Your Boundless Creation.

Do not say, “I am hidden from the Lord, and who from on high has me in mind? Among so many people I am unknown, for what am I in a boundless creation?” Sir 16:17

I took some deep breaths as I walked to the end of our short driveway to retrieve the morning newspaper. In the darkness of the early morning, the crispy, cool, late-summer air was a delight to feel on my flesh and in my lungs. It was cool enough to invigorate every cell of my body, yet not so cool as to be uncomfortable; much like a wintergreen mint for the entire body and soul.

Turning to return to the house I faced the expanse of the southeastern sky and involuntarily exclaimed, “Oh, my!” Brilliant pinpoints pierced the morning sky like so many diamonds. I stood in wonder, awe, and appreciation. My spirit cried, “Oh Lord, I am so small. I am but a mere speck of sand in the vastness of your boundless creation. Yet you love me as though I were your only child.” Then I hurried on to prepare for the coming day.

The next morning, and the next, the morning air and sky were repeats of that first awesome experience. I took a bit more time to savor and to reverence. I raised my arms in prayer and gave thanks for God’s intimate love for me in the midst of this infinite creation. And a shooting star passed across my field of vision. Really. It sent chills up my spine. The next morning, exactly the same thing happened; another shooting star.

I certainly am not going to imagine that I can conjure up a shooting star. Neither will I question why, just as I offered up a prayer, precisely at that moment, a shooting star would appear … twice. Whether I was meant for the meteor or the meteor was meant for me is beyond my knowing, as is much of the mystery of God’s creation.

Each morning I opened my senses to the multitude of sounds that most of us just treat as background. I laughed as a duck in the pond behind me quacked its own chuckle. I could hear the powerful ocean, more than a mile away. The sound of cars moving through the neighborhood and on the main roads some distance off brought to mind endless numbers of people, each living their own experience of creation.

Carrying the newspaper into the house became a weighty experience. In my hand, I was carrying word of the world’s joys, worries, and travails. Me, occupying my little few cubic feet of this infinite creation. And yet God is aware of me and cares for me. “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father.” (Matt 10:29)

How can a person respond to such extravagant love except by living a thankful life, by cultivating a grateful spirit? How can anyone say no to anything that our loving creator asks of us? All he asks is that we live in love of Him and his creation. That means acknowledging his love and abundant giving. God created each of us to glorify him through our moment by moment actions. He created each of us to carry out his work in the world. He provides each of us abundant resources to accomplish that work. It is our stewardship to say with word and actions, “Yes, Lord.”