Hidden Things

So easy to just pass these plants by, missing the hidden things within.

In spite of a deep-seated commitment to “see”, and valuing my photojournalist’s eye, I was mindlessly going through the morning routine of watering our plants. Perhaps it was this life-long enjoyment of seeing and an active curiosity that saved me from missing the praying mantis camouflaged among the basil.

Quick, get the camera, then watch. Alien-like creature. Your world is so different than mine, yet we live in the same world. You see so differently than I, yet we share the same air, and sun, and earth. Your eyes are so different than mine. You see the world, our world from such a different perspective. Most of the time, I am not even aware of you or your world.

A praying mantis, a hidden thing.. almost overlooked

A Taize- like chant by Phillip Newell, “Hidden things,” kept running through my head “I will show you hidden things. Hidden things you have not known.” A promise from Isaiah (48:6) But it is a promise that can come to fruition only if we will see.
How much of what is right in our faces do we hide from ourselves by our perspectives, our filters, our prejudices.. our failure to see?  What we don’t see, really see, we give no thought. And with that missing thought, we also miss the ability to appreciate and give thanks. We are such busy people. In not seeing, we are driven to further busyness as we seek what we lack, while what we think we lack, or something even better, is right before us waiting to be seen. When we really see, we cannot help but feel blessed, and thankful.
All of that from noticing a praying mantis? Thank you for making me mindful, little alien.