About that Butterfly

Redpath and Associates has adopted the Monarch Butterfly as a symbol of creative, sustainable, community collaboration.

The annual Monarch Butterfly migration from Mexico to Canada and back again spans four generations of butterflies. Those that begin the journey experience only its first leg, starting the journey for subsequent generations

The monarchs’ provision for future generations brings to mind the great law of the Iroquois Confederacy; “Let every decision we make be made keeping in mind its impact seven generations hence.” What wonderful models of creativity and sustainability for the governance of our communities and organizations.

“Redpath” originates from a village of that name in Scotland, near Melrose, “Braveheart” country. The Celtic spirit of the people of that area revolves around an appreciation of all creation as a gift. As a gift, we have an obligation to care for all of creation and pass it on to future generations in better condition than it was passed on to us. That spirit of creativity,

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